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Complete software development services

We specialize in building software applications with a spirit of collaborative partnership and unwavering craftsmanship. Our expertise covers working on inherited projects where you need to repair or maintain an existing application as well as building new applications.

Our U.S. based team is personable and diligent and our process is proven to make every aspect of software development feel just plain easy.

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Strategy & Analysis

We begin each project with a deep understanding of your project needs by gathering and analyzing all relevant information and discussing the key business, compliance, and technical considerations. We create and align on the project plan before writing any code.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Requirements
  • Existing Data and Code Evaluation
  • Functional & Technical Specifications
  • Information Architecture
  • Application Hosting Requirements
  • Security and Compliance Requirements
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Application Development & Integration

We deliver traditional stack or containerized applications to precisely achieve your project objectives. The applications we develop range from internal operational tools to large-scale websites and off-the-shelf or custom content management systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Websites & Mobile Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Internal Operational Applications
  • Ecommerce Processing
  • API Integrations
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Data Management

We are data experts. Our data projects involve analyzing, normalizing, and cleaning up inherited databases, as well as designing and building data architectures from scratch and integrating them with other applications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Analysis
  • Database Builds & Performance Optimization
  • Schema Design & Documentation
  • Data Normalization & Cleanup
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Hosting & Infrastructure

We architect, configure, and maintain secure hosting environments at world-class hosting providers for our clients. Each environment is customized to ensure it is the best-fit for the application's technology, performance, security, and budget requirements.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud, Dedicated & Client Managed Hosting
  • Linux & Windows Environments
  • Security Hardening & Availability
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure & Other Providers
  • On-going Monitoring
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Maintenance & Support

We service clients for the long haul. Our team handles on-going enhancements, maintenance, and support to keep client applications running effectively and delivering on their business objectives for many years after launch.

Areas of Expertise

  • Feature Enhancements
  • Code Documentation
  • Security Scans
  • Dependency Upgrades
  • System & Security Maintenance

Deep industry experience

We work across many industries enabling us to share perspectives and best practices across projects. Over the past twenty five years we have developed extensive expertise in the following:

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Partnerships with creative agencies

Because we do not offer design or marketing services, we are a perfect complement to creative agencies that need a proven software development team to help with a software development project.

We operate and collaborate like an in-house development team by augmenting creative teams’ capabilities and precisely implementing their creative visions.

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Services for law firm marketing departments

We have worked on hundreds of projects for law firms including websites, content management solutions, proposal systems, deal management systems, mobile applications, contact management systems, and practice area specific applications.

We deeply understand the operations and technology needs for law firm marketing departments.

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Services for financial services firms

We have worked on hundreds of projects for financial services firms and intimately understand the unique needs of the sales, marketing, IT, and compliance groups in the financial services space.

Information security is obviously of the utmost importance. We follow client compliance framework requirements and complement and support with development best practices.

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